Courtyard Mausoleum

Hollywood Forever Cemetery
Los Angeles, California, USA
Project Type
Project Size

Casket Spaces: 4,808

Niche Spaces; 1,161


Hollywood Forever Cemetery is a fascinating landmark home to the final resting place of many Hollywood founders and stars. This 2-story, semi-indoor mausoleum provides both a beautiful new front to the existing mausoleum as well as an impressive presence to the cemetery entrance. An exterior deck and cascading planters provide a connection back to nature, as well as a point from which to view the property. An abundance of skylights provide a light-filled interior, while stepping of the windows provide focused views toward distant vistas.


Milne Design / Build Team:

Guadalupe Alfaro, Francisco Enciso, Jesus Garcia, Ron Gonzales, Terry Klem, Benny Verdugo,

Rajah Selliah - Superintendent,

Tim Dexter - Project Manager,

James G. Pierson, Inc. - Engineers,

Clinton Pearson - Design Architect,

Stewart Straus - Technical Architect



Project Flyer (PDF)

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