Lakeview Mausoleum

Cave Hill Cemetery
Louisville, Kentucky, USA
Project Type
Project Size

Crypt Spaces: 180
Niche Spaces: 152


The Cave Hill Cemetery Lakeview Mausoleum, in Louisville, Kentucky, was inspired by the antique charm of individual memorials and family crypts in a garden setting. Milne Construction designed and built an exquisite structure which blends harmoniously with the existing monuments.

Excavated into a hillside, the mausoleum contains 180 crypts and 152 niches. Each facade has been designed in a distinctive fashion, giving a viewer the impression of a cluster of small family crypts and monuments. Clad completely in grey granite, the varying features include polished and honed granite veneers, granite columns and pilasters, arched and gabled pediments.


Milne Design/Build Team:

Guadalupe Alfaro, Francisco Enciso, Jesus Garcia, Benny Verdugo

Larry Holley - Superintendent,

Lily Kribs - Project Manager

James G. Pieson, Inc. - Engineers

Clinton Pearson - Design Architect

Stewart Straus - Technical Architect



Cave Hill New Mausoleum Article (PDF)

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