Major Projects - 2009

August 25, 2009

2009 has been an exciting year for MILNE CONSTRUCTION CO. Several major projects were designed or completed; these projects attest to Milne's ongoing commitment to excellent design quality, and high customer satisfaction.

Cave Hill Cemetery Lakeview Mausoleum

The Cave Hill Cemetery Lakeview Mausoleum, in Louisville, Kentucky, was inspired by the antique charm of individual memorials and family crypts in a garden setting. Milne Construction designed and built an exquisite structure which blends harmoniously with the existing monuments. Excavated into a hillside, the mausoleum contains 180 crypts and 152 niches. Each facade has been designed in a distinctive fashion, giving a viewer the impression of a cluster of small family crypts and monuments. Clad completely in grey granite, the varying features include polished and honed granite veneers, granite columns and pilasters, arched and gabled pediments.

Queen's Park Mausoleum

Queen's Park Mausoleum, in Calgary, Alberta is a stunning addition to the cemetery's mausoleum complex. The 24,000 square foot structure houses 1435 new crypts and 747 niches. An interior rock water fall cascades 30 ft from the second floor to a pool below, juliet balconies overlook the first floor, natural slate flooring warms the entry area, radiant stained glass windows and numerous skylights create a light-filled, expansive, space. Monumental precast columns uphold the copper roofed porte cochere, enhancing the integral dignity of the structure.

Hollywood Forever Cemetery

Hollywood Forever Cemetery, final home for many old-time film stars and producers, is a community cultural icon, well known for its virtual memorialization, vibrant Dia de los Muertos celebrations, outdoor summer films, and Shakespearean performances. Milne Construction has designed, and is currently constructing 2 new mausolea for Hollywood Forever. The Courtyard and Beth Olam mausolea will house 5482 crypts, and 1161 niches, and will be timeless in character, maintaining historical continuity by incorporating elements utilized in the 100-year old structures dotting the park-like grounds.

White Haven Mausoleum

A quiet, outwardly unassuming structure, the White Haven Mausoleum was designed with intentional simplicity, to minimize the visitor's distraction from the natural surroundings. White Haven was the first cemetery in the USA to become certified as an Audubon Sanctuary, and many species of birds and plants are protected and nurtured within its grounds. Upon entering the mausoleum, the visitor will be immediately drawn to the rich finishes; the magnificent woodwork of the niche cabinetry and three fireplaces in the central niche columbarium are intended to create a soothing environment which encourages quiet contemplation in a warm and welcoming ambience.

The Milne Team is honored to continue the company's unbroken 56-year tradition of nuanced and sensitive design, attention to the client's needs, and superior craftsmanship. Milne Construction's poured-in-place concrete mausoleum and columbarium structures are destined to abide and gracefully endure as tomorrow's heritage.

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