Ground-breaking Ceremony for Maui Mausoleum Project

April 1, 2013

The team stands at ease with gold shovels, while the priest explains tradition. The priest wears a tea leaf lei which is common for major ceremonies. The large tealeaf in his hand is used to scoop kukui nut oil water out of the Koa wood bowl to bless the land.

Everyone washes their hands in the kukui nut oil water. Washing hands together symbolizes the team working with their hands to build a monument that will last forever.

The priest blows on the conch shell to warn spirits of souls to come.

Breaking ground with gold shovels symbolizes the large cost everyone must pay for the right and privilege to be interred on this sacred island. It also symbolizes the teamwork it will take to design and build the project.                

Milne breaks ground in 2013. GO TEAM MILNE!

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